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If Printing Takes 45 Seconds Before Starting (or Until You Exit J.S.)


The first thing to try is to turn off print spooling for MS-DOS prompt

(right-click the Windows printer icon, choose Properties, Details, Port-

Settings and UNcheck the "Spool MS-DOS Print Jobs" box) Do this on all

computers if you have a network.  If that doesn't help, or turning off

spooling is not appropriate or not available then try these steps:


Your computer consultant/helper can make these changes which

Microsoft says should speed up printing under Windows 95/98/ME.


If these sections don't already exist, add these AFTER the

[386Enh] section in the SYSTEM.INI








Note that if you have a network, you should make these changes to

ALL Windows 95/98/ME computers on the network.


The number 5 above represents approximately the number of seconds

delay. Windows defaults to about 45. It is not clear if reducing

to 1 works well, you can try it out.