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The POSjet 1000 printer is a 40-column printer that prints on a roll

of narrow paper like you see at a book store.


What's appealing about it is that it uses inkjet printing with two-color

ink available. This makes the printer quicker and quieter than a dot-

matrix 40-column printer. Thermal POS printers are also quick and quiet

but they have to use special thermal paper which isn't very durable and

fine jewelry customers might want to keep their receipts for a long time.

The inkjet prints on regular paper which you could even order with a

company watermark or logo


If you order this printer You should request the model with dual-color

printing and with the paper cutter - these features may not always

be included if you don't request them or if you order the lowest price



Sales information on the POSjet 1000: , etc but do

check that you're getting the model with 2-color ink and the auto-cutter

and note that the USB interface is now available - as an optional extra.


Keep in mind that 40-column printers are NOT required for receipts: a

majority of Shop-Pro POS users print the half-page receipt on an

HP LaserJet or an HP DeskJet.


If you choose a POSjet printer, look in the list of internal printers

of Shop-Pro from option 8,B "Printer Redirection. If you don't see

a POSjet printer entry toward the end of the list, ask for configuration