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Checking and Changing the POSjet Emulation mode



+) Verify that your PosJet's Emulation is "Ithaca PcOS"

 + See the POSjet Quick Reference sheet for instructions on checking

   or changing the "emulation" setting by using the "configuration" mode



For configuration mode the operator guide says


*) Unplug the AC power cord from printer


*) Press and hold the Feed button and plug the AC power cord back into the printer


*) Continue pressing the Feed button until the error indicator light begins to blink.



*) Release the Feed button. A special configuration receipt will print  showing you all the current settings.


While you are in this configuration mode you can change settings.


To switch to each of the possible configuration areas press and quickly release the New Cartridge Button.


Once you are in a specific area (e.e. the emulation area) you can change the setting by pressing and holding the new cartridge button for a bit longer until it changes the setting. You can repeat this until you get to the Ithaca PcOS setting.


To exit the Configuration Mode press and release the (circle with a line) button.