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Adding a Shop-pro printer driver for the Ithaca Peripherals POSjet 1000


+) Verify that your PosJet's Emulation is "Ithaca PcOS"

 + See the POSjet Quick Reference sheet for instructions on checking

   or changing the "emulation" setting by using the "configuration" mode


Note: Newer versions of Shop-Pro automatically have a POSjet entry

in the internal printer list so you may not need to add a new entry

if you see one. If you see more than one then the "POSjet Draft Darker"

is recommended.



*) From Shop-Pro choose 8,A. Press Esc. Answer Yes. Highlight BLANK PRINTER

 CODES.  Name the printer POSJet 1000. Choose 0 to save your work


*) Choose 8,A. Go to the END of the list (note the printer number).

 Select the new POSJet 1000.


*) Make Compressed read: 027,073,048,015

      Expanded read:   027,073,048,027,087,051,027,099,049

      Cancel Expanded: 027,087,048,027,099,048

      Clear All:       027,099,048

      Cut:             013,010,013,010,013,010,013,010,027,118

         (some printers may need the Cut to be 027,099,049)

      If the receipt cuts in the middle, clear the the Cut code box and

      instead type in the above cut code in the Unclamp box.


      Choose 0 to choose "Return to Previous Menu and Save Changes"


*)      If you have a cash drawer connected by a phone connector to

      the POSjet, go to approx page 15 of Store Information Defaults

      and for the cash drawer ASCII code type   027,120,001


*) Choose 8,B. Press enter and esc. Make the 40 column printer the

 printer number for the new POSjet 0100