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How to find the "short format" of a long-name folder for pictures



Using Windows Explorer, open and/or navigate to the

folder where the pictures are.


If you do NOT see the address bar at the top of the Window

choose View, Toolbars and check Address Bar.


Note full address, e.g.

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\WIA\{6BDD1FC6-810F-11D0-BEC7-08002BE2092F}\0000


Open a command prompt by choosing Start, Run, CMD and ok

At the command prompt type

C:   Enter

CD\  Enter


DIR  /X /AD /P <Enter>


You'll see something like

08/16/2005  08:47 PM    <DIR>          DOCUME~1     Documents and Settings

where DOCUME~1 is the first folder short name for Documents and Settings



CD DOCUME~1    <Enter> (replace DOCUME~1 with the name you saw)

DIR  /X /AD /P <Enter>



and you'll see something like

08/16/2005  08:47 PM    <DIR>          ALLUSE~1     All Users

where ALLUS~1 is the second  folder short name for All Users


CD ALLUSE~1  <Enter>


Repeat until you have the full folder name. Some short folder names don't

have a special short name where you'd use the only name.


e.g. for the above

we'd end up typing



CD {6BDD1~1

CD 0000


And we see the prompt is




Leave off the final > and type this folder into

page 16 of store information defaults (it will allow you to type

beyond the visible area)




Alternative method


In Shop-Pro choose File, Misc, Dot-prompt, Enter

At the blue screen type

FILER   and press Enter


From the filer screen use the mouse to change the Drv. box to C

Then in the left list of files and folders navigate (with the mouse)

to the right folder. Make a note of each subfolder you traverse.


Note that sometimes you'll see ambiguous folder names such as

MICROS~1   MICROS~2   MICROS~3    - in those cases, just try

each one until you seem to be on the right path until you

have the complete short-name path like