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How to print from a DOS-based program on a Windows 9x/Me host to a remote printer



You have connected to a Windows 95, 98, 98SE or Windows Millennium (Me) host, and would like to know how to print from a DOS-based application on the host to the printer connected to the remote computer.



When you print from a DOS-based application on a Windows 9x host, Windows intercepts the print job destined for the printer port and places it into a spool file. At the same time, pcAnywhere monitors the LPT and PRN printer ports. When it detects output destined for those ports, it captures the spool file and sends the print job to the remote computer.


NOTE:For remote printing from DOS based applications on the host, the printer must be configured to LPT1 on the host. For remote printing from Windows based applications on the host, the printer must be configured to pcaw.prn on the host computer.


Configuration (this is done at the Host)

Because pcAnywhere is monitoring printer ports, there is no need to install a printer that is connected to pcaw.prn. Any existing printer assigned to LPT1 or PRN will do; however, you may need to reconfigure the port properties of that printer.


To examine or change these settings:


1. Click Start, point to Settings, and then click Printers. The Printers window appears.

2. Right-click the printer's icon, and then click Properties.

3. Click the Details tab, and then click Spool Settings.

4. Make sure that "Spool print jobs so program finishes printing faster" is checked.

5. Change the Spool data format to RAW.

6. Click OK.

7. Click the Port Settings button.

8. There are two settings. Check "Spool MS-DOS print jobs," but do not check "Check port state."

9. Click Apply, and then click OK.




If you are in a situation where you print from both DOS and Windows applications, you may consider installing another printer driver to handle the DOS printing. For example, you might have a LaserJet or InkJet printer installed for the Windows applications and a Generic/Text Only printer for the DOS applications.


NOTE: To allow for printing from DOS, the printer name is restricted to 8 or fewer characters with no spaces.



Unlike Windows-based applications, DOS-based programs may access the printer by whatever means the programmer chose. The majority of programs will attempt to print to either LPT1 or PRN. However, other programs may attempt to print directly to the hardware or through a printer driver that is part of the application (such as WordPerfect). These programs will not print remotely. There is no resolution to this problem. The only workaround is to print to a file--if the application will allow it. If it does, print to a file, transfer that file to the remote computer and print it there.



Troubleshooting (this is done at the Host)

If you cannot print from a DOS-based application, try to print from the DOS Edit program. If you can print from Edit but not from the application, that application is probably accessing the printer in ways pcAnywhere cannot monitor.

If you cannot print from Edit, attempt to redirect the print job from the command line by following these steps:

1. Click Start, point to Programs, and then click MS-DOS Prompt.

2. At the command prompt type dir > lpt1 and then press enter.


If this fails to print, there may be something at the host side that is preventing the system from redirecting the print job. This is a rare occurrence. It is more likely that something is wrong with the printer configuration or that the printer port is inaccessible.

Check the manufacturer and model of the printer you are printing to. A number of modern multi-function, laser and jet printers actually replace or supplant the Windows print spooling system which makes remote printing impossible. For a list printers that cannot remote print, please see the document Error: "This Printer and/or Driver does not Support Remote Printing".

If you are on a Novell network, your printer ports may be captured to a network printer. You will need to end print capturing to remote print successfully. Novell NetWare print capturing can be canceled at the command line. For more details on how this is done see the document How to end print capturing on a Novell network.



Printing from DOS applications on Windows NT hosts

This capability is not supported by pcAnywhere, but the technique is documented in How to print from a DOS-based program on a Windows NT or Windows 2000 host to a remote printer.



Cautions about versions

Only pcANYWHERE32 versions 8.02 and higher will successfully remote print from a DOS application on a Windows 9x/Me host.


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