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Follow these steps to configure the host printer:


1. Check which port the host default printer is assigned to. If it is

assigned to LPT1, use that printer. Otherwise, add a new printer

and assign it to port LPT1.


2. Right-click on the host printer item, and choose Properties.


3. Select the Details tab.


4. Click Spool Settings. Select the following Spool Settings:

- Spool print jobs so program finishes printing faster.

- Start printing after first page is spooled.

- Format is EMF (this setting does not matter for DOS print



5. Click OK to return to the Details page.

6. Click Port Settings. Select the following Port Settings:


- Spool MS-DOS print jobs (checked).

- Check port state before printing (not checked).


7. Click OK, then Apply, then OK.

8. Close Printers.


To test remote printing, make a remote control connection to the

host. Remote print from the DOS EDIT program, or from the DOS

prompt by typing this at the DOS prompt:


DIR >LPT1 [Enter]




DIR >PRN [Enter]


If it prints from DOS EDIT or the DOS prompt, remote printing is

configured correctly.


Known issues

- There are several ways for DOS applications to write to the

parallel port. The only applications that work are those that write

to LPT1 or PRN and enable Windows 95 to spool the print job.

For applications that do not work, a possible work-around is for

the application to print to the PCAW.PRN file. For a list of

programs known or reported not to work, see the Knowledge Base

article DOS Applications that Do not Remote Print from a

pcANYWHERE32 8.01 Windows 95 Host, or get Fax on

Demand document 915335.

- Some DOS applications cannot print under Windows 95 with the

"Spool MS-DOS print jobs" parameter checked. For these DOS

applications, a possible work-around is to print to a file, and then

transfer the file to the remote. Copy the file to the printer, or have

the DOS application print to the PCAW.PRN file.

- If none of these suggestions work, then, unfortunately, there is no

easy way to route DOS print jobs to the remote due to a technical

limitation of Windows 95. For more information about Windows

95 not supporting multiple port monitors for LPT1 through LPT9,

refer to the following Microsoft document:


Cannot Replace Default Port Monitor for Standard Printer


Article ID: Q151889



Optional settings

If you need to change the destination of DOS print jobs from the

host, add a key to the Windows registry.



Edit the Windows registry with great care. A mistake could

require you to reinstall Windows, and could result in permanent

data loss or corrupted files. We strongly encourage you to back up

the registry before making any changes. Modify only the specified

keys. If you are not comfortable editing the registry, please obtain

assistance from a professional.


Follow these steps to add the key:

1. Click on the Start button and choose Run.

2. Type:


regedit [Enter]


3. Click OK.

4. Navigate to the following location in the registry:





5. Choose the Edit menu, point to New, and choose DWORD


6. Give the new value the name DosPrint.

7. Choose the Edit menu, and choose Modify.

8. Assign DosPrint one of these values:


0 - Print to remote only (this is the default value)

1 - Print to host only

2 - Print to both host and remote


9. Click OK, and close the Registry Editor.


Or you can download these .REG files (from the web) instead of

editing the registry:








Product(s): pcANYWHERE32 version 8.0 - Win95/NT

Operating Systems(s): Windows 95