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Outlook Attachment Handling



Newer versions of Outlook are quite convervative and block

many types of email attachments. Compulink often sends FXP

type of files which are really quite safe.


In order to receive minor program updates from Compulink you

may want to fix your Outlook.


This site offers a utility to help fix outlook


For a more manual approach, here are some notes on the subject we

found at


It's not hard, but follow the directions with care.



Get Access to Blocked Attachments in Outlook


Outlook Tip

From Heinz Tschabitscher,

Your Guide to Email.

Just because Outlook is paranoid need not mean you cannot save,

open and use attachments it deems "dangerous". All it takes is the

right key. A registry key.


To gain access to blocked attachments in Outlook 2003:


  * Select Run... from the Start menu.

  * Type  REGEDIT  and press <Enter>

  * Travel down to this key:


  * Add a new string value called:    Level1Remove

  * Make its value a list of allowed file extensions separated by


    * For example, EXE;URL

      allows access to executables and Internet shortcuts.

      FXP allows access to Jewelry Shopkeeper Updates


For this tip to work with Outlook 2002, go to ...\Office\10.0\Outlook\...

instead of 11.0