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This is NOT a trivial matter at all. Here are some simple steps:


1) Make a folder called APPS on the SERVER computer


2) Drag the folder called COMPLINK.JS into the APPS folder.


3) Use NOTEPAD to add the following statement to the C:\AUTOEXEC.BAT file on the SERVER




4) Open MY COMPUTER on the SERVER. Right Click the C: drive. Click Sharing. Click NOT SHARED


5) Open the C: drive. Right click the APPS folder. Click Sharing. Click Shared As. Make sure it reads


Shared As: APPS. Click Access Type: Full.


6) Restart the SERVER computer.


7) On each of the workstations, right click Network Neighborhood. Click Map Network Drive. Select: Map

Drive: F:. The path name (in this case) is \\SERVER\APPS. Make sure to click Reconnect at logon.


8) Restart the workstation computer.


9) At this point, each workstation will have access ONLY to the Server's C:\APPS folder.