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     Things to Check if a Sale Doesn't Add Sales Tax:


1) The first thing to check is to edit the sale and make sure that each

taxable item has a "T" for Taxable on the right side of the screen.


Make sure each taxable line-item has a "T" for taxable on the

far right side next to the Extension amount. If an item is not marked

as taxable, highlight that line, press the Left-Arrow in the price field

and then pick Change Tax from the list.


2) If you have a sale which simply won't add sales tax, even if the

items do have the T, then somehow the sales tax for just that sale

might have somehow been set to zero. To fix this, edit the sale and

go to the first empty line.


When prompted for the Sku No, press the <Enter> key three times

until you have the prompt for Continue, More or Tax. Choose Tax

and then you can reset the tax rate for this sale to the correct value.

Be sure to enter it as a percentage, not a fraction (e.g. type 6.00

NOT 0.06 for 6%)