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There's nothing specific that we know is causing the problem you are

seeing. However, based on things we've seen over the years with somewhat

similar-sounding problems here are some miscellaneous things to try on the

computer which gets the Not a Database file error - while the other

computers don't give that error.


*) If you have Windows XP or any other windows which uses accounts or

passwords, check the problem computer is logged into the server at

"administrator" level


*) OR... Try adding the IPX network protocol on all computers (e.g.

   in addition to the usual TCP/IP protocol ADD IPX)


*) OR... Try the network card speed at 10 (if it's currently at 100,

   or vice versa)


*) OR... Try the network card at non-duplex (if it's currently duplex,

    or vice versa)


*) OR... Try setting up different network protocols at all computers e.g.

   try using just TCP/IP on all computers or just IPX on all computers

   Note that internet access won't work on computers with just

   IPX. (handy if you want to stop internet access!)


*) OR ... Try disabling any Firewall software you have - whether it's built

   into Windows or a separate Firewall/Virus program. (If this does seem

   to help you should probably re-enable the program but you may have to

   fine-tune it to so that it blocks out problems but lets Shop-Pro work)


*) If none of those seem to help, you could make a local (temporary)

copy of the program on the c: drive to see if the problem occurs even

when that computer is NOT looking at the data over the network, or

if the problem occurs ONLY when that computer is looking at the data over

the network.


*) Copy the entire COMPLINK.JS folder to the C: drive, make a copy of

   the icons, with the working folder set to c:\complink.js\data.js

    instead of the network drive and see how the problem computer

    behaves when running a local copy.  


(don't keep this c: drive copy permanently - it could cause confusion later.

Delete the C: drive copy of the program by deleting the c:\complink.js




Note that we suggest only Windows XP Pro. If you have Windows XP  Home

you might consider the upgrade.


If nothing else helps you might consider trying a different network card.