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Instructions for making a second set of books with the Jewelry

Shopkeeper. Backup your Jewelry Shopkeeper data files first.


Go to the black and white "Command Menu". (This is the menu you

get by choosing the JS-Menu icon from Windows or by typing JS

from a DOS prompt.) From the Enter Your Choice--> prompt, type:


MD  ZZZZZ                               <Enter>

(You should replace ZZZZZ with any name you want for the second

subdirectory. Your name should have a maximum of 8 letters, no

spaces, no punctuation.)


Continue by typing the below lines. (You can choose Overwrite, if


Where you see two spaces, one is enough. Use backslashes, not



PKUNZIP  DBF  *.*  ZZZZZ                                <Enter>

COPY  DATA.JS\*.FOX  ZZZZZ                              <Enter>

COPY  DATA.JS\*.COM  ZZZZZ                              <Enter>

COPY  DATA.JS\PRINTERS.DBF  ZZZZZ                       <Enter>

COPY  DATA.JS\PRINTSET.MEM  ZZZZZ                       <Enter>

COPY  DATA.JS\SYS_VAR.MEM   ZZZZZ                       <Enter>


To use this new second set of books, type (at the Command Menu)

1P  ZZZZZ                                               <Enter>


Or make a copy of the Shop-pro icon, then right-click the copy

icon, choose Properties, Program and change the last word of the

Working box from DATA.JS to ZZZZZ


Note: Whenever you update the Jewelry Shopkeeper version, you

have to update each set of data separately so you'll have to run

the update twice. Running the update the regular way by just

typing A:UPDATE updates the first set of update. To update the

2nd set of data, type  A:UPDATE  ZZZZZ


Note: The simple backup routine built-in to the Jewelry

Shopkeeper (choosing option 3 from the Command Menu) ONLY backs

up the FIRST set of data. In order to backup all your data, you

should configure a proper backup system to backup the entire

\COMPLINK.JS directory and all of its subdirectories þ or simply

backup the entire hard drive. If you don't understand how to do

this, you may have to have a local computer consultant help you

set this up þ maybe with a tape backup system.


If you have Shopkeeper 9.7 or later, then the simple 3 backup

from the Command Menu *can* backup the extra set of books.

To backup type  3 ZZZZZ   (where you change ZZZZZ to the

correct folder name)


Changing the colors of the new set of data so that they are

different than the original set helps you quickly visually

identify which set of data you are in.