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Steps for a New Fileserver Computer



a) Do not bother reinstalling the program from disks or CD's. Just copy

 or drag the COMPLINK.JS folder from the old server to the new sever

 as per the below notes.


b) Make sure it's not running a special Server version of Windows such as

 Windows Server 2003 - the extra security options just take too much

 maintenance.  [unless required for special technical reasons such as

 more than 10 computers or needed for Terminal Services.]


 If you want to mirror hard drives or use RAID and are concerned about

 Windows XP support for that, note that you can add a RAID card which

 will handle RAID/ mirroring at a hardware level which is mostly

 independent of the Windows version and likely with better performance.


c) Likewise, try to avoid domain networking unless required for special

 technical reasons as it generally makes it more difficult for end-users

 to maintain.


d) Make sure you're not using Norton Anti-Virus. That product tends to

 cause network havoc. There are other anti-virus / firewall products.


e) Connect the server to the existing network.


f) If the old server is running Windows

 1) Rename the old server, but leave it on the network

 2) Name the new server the same as the old server -

    unless the old server had an unsuitable name. Generally

    the server should be called something like SERVER or MAIN

    so that it will be clear later to technical support where

    to find Jewelry Shopkeeper.


g) Make the entire C: drive sharable with update rights.

 (if there's a problem with that then create a D: partition fully

 shared with read/write update rights for everyone)

 Give the shared drive a sensible sharename such as C if it's the

 C: drive or D if it's the D: drive.


 - there is another option - see step w) below


h) Copy the Entire COMPLINK.JS folder from the old server to the new

 server's C: (or D:) drive - make sure it's off the root - not under

 other folders such as  "programs" or "apps"


i) Rename the COMPLINK.JS folder on the old server as COMPLINK.OLD


j) Check that the workstations map their network drive to the new

 server's  C:\ folder (or D:\folder) e.g. map drive H: to something

 like  \\SERVER\C  or \\MAIN\D


k) Remember that the workstations need to map their network drive to the

 ROOT of the server's shared drive, NOT to the complink.js folder.


l) At any new workstations that do not yet have Jewelry Shopkeeper icons

 first map the network drive letter and then run the JSICONS.BAT file

that's in the COMPLINK.JS folder on the server's shared drive.

You then have to fix the properties of those icons so that the Working

Folder matches the network drive letter you set up.



m) Fixing the Working Folder.

 If this is a workstation on a network you'll need to fix the Working

 directory of these icons. Right-click the icon and choose Properties

 then click on the Program tab and then fix the drive letter in the

 Working box - e.g. G: or H: etc. (don't do this if you have just a

 single computer). Leave the remainder as \COMPLINK.JS\DATA.JS for

 Shop-Pro icon and \COMPLINK.JS  for the JS-Menu icon.





w) If you don't want to read-write-share the full C: drive and cannot make

a second partition on the server drive, then make a shared folder on the

c: drive and call it SHARED Grant full read and write access to this

folder to all users (allow other users to modify my files) and give it

a sharename of SHARED


Then copy the COMPLINK.JS folder under this SHARED folder. On every

computer - including the server - map a drive letter to this SHARED

folder - not to the complink.js folder. e.g. map drive G: to something