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Below are the instructions for copying the complete program and data from

the old computer to a Zip drive or a USB Thumb Drive (flash drive ).

Be sure to use upper and lower case letters as specified below


Nobody should have a copy of the Jewelry Shopkeeper open. Go to the black

and white COMMAND MENU (The COMMAND MENU is the menu you get when you

open the JS-MENU icon or when you type JS at the DOS prompt.)


Below, change N:  to the correct letter for your USB/Zip drive


At the "Enter Your Choice-->" prompt type these lines with Enter

after each: (if you see two spaces, you can use either one or two)


PKZIP  -r   -P   -a   N:\JSALL   \COMPLINK.JS\*.*     and press <Enter>

COPY  PKUNZIP.EXE  N:\                                          <Enter>

EXIT                                                            <Enter>


(above, the -r is a dash and a lower-case R  -P is a dash and an

UPPER-case P, -a is a dash and a lower-case A )


! Be sure that the new computer does NOT already have a valid copy of

Shop-Pro installed because these steps would replace it if it exists !


At the new computer, put in this USB/Zip disk, click the  Start icon, the

Run icon and type:

N:\PKUNZIP   -d   -o   N:\JSALL  C:\      and press <Enter>


(above, the -d is a dash and a lower-case d  -o is a dash and a lower-

case O. Change N: to another letter if the USB/Zip drive is not using N: on

the new computer [which is often a different letter than the old computer])


When finished open a DOS prompt by clicking on the START button

then choosing RUN and typing COMMAND and clicking OK. Then type:

(from the C: prompt)


\COMPLINK.JS\JSICONS                            <Enter>


EXIT                                            <Enter>