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Before you copy the Jewelry Shopkeeper to a new computer, you may want to

check with Compulink that your situation is legal with respect to

Compulink's copyright. e.g. copying the program to another computer which

will be used in a different location where business is conducted requires

a separate software license.


If you are simply moving Shop-Pro to a new computer and Shop-Pro will

not be used on the old computer, then there's no problem.


Below are the instructions for copying the complete program and data from

the old computer to CD. Be sure to use upper and lower case letters as

specified below


Nobody should have a copy of the Jewelry Shopkeeper open. Go to the black

and white COMMAND MENU (The COMMAND MENU is the menu you get when you

open the JS-MENU icon or when you type JS at the DOS prompt.)


At the "Enter Your Choice-->" prompt type:


PKZIP  -r   -P   -a   C:\JSALL   \COMPLINK.JS\*.*        <Enter>

COPY  PKUNZIP.EXE  C:\                                   <Enter>


(above, the -r is a dash and a lower-case R  -P is a dash and an

UPPER-case P, -a is a dash and a lower-case A, -& is a dash and a

shift-7 [ampersand])


Then copy the two files PKUNZIP.EXE and  JSALL.ZIP from the C: drive

to a blank CD. To copy to the CD use whatever method you know and you

can use either a re-writable CD or a write-once CD  but note that a

write-once CD has a better chance of being readable on the other computer.


! Be sure that the new computer does NOT already have a valid copy of

Shop-Pro installed because these steps would replace it if it exists !


At the new computer, put in this CD, click the  Start icon, the Run icon

and type: D:\PKUNZIP   -d   -o   D:\JSALL  C:\      and press <Enter>

(above, the -d is a dash and a lower-case d  -o is a dash and a lower-

case O. Change D: to another letter if the CD is not the D: drive)


When finished type: (from the C: prompt)

\COMPLINK.JS\JSICONS                            <Enter>


EXIT                                            <Enter>


Then open the JS-MENU icon to get to the black and white COMMAND MENU and

at the Enter Your Choice---> Prompt type


ATTRIB -R   /S      and press <Enter>

EXIT                and press <Enter>