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Moving Shopkeeper to a New Computer



Before you copy the Jewelry Shopkeeper to a new computer, you may

want to check with Compulink that your situation is legal with

respect to Compulink's copyright. e.g. copying the program to

another computer which will be used in a different location where

business is conducted requires a separate software license.


If you are simply moving Shop-Pro to a new computer and Shop-Pro will

not be used on the old computer, then there's no problem.


The instructions further below are for using floppy disks to transfer the

program and data. They should work for most people because almost

all computers have floppy disk drive.


However if you have a computer person helping you there may be more

efficient ways s/he could use. Essentially s/he just needs to copy

the ENTIRE COMPLINK.JS folder from the old computer to the new computer

and this could be done by Zip drive, CD, or across a network cable.

We leave the details of that to your technician. After that replicate

the Shop-Pro icons that you used to have on your new computer.


If you have a CD burner or a Zip drive and want more details on using

it to transfer the program ask us for the tip sheet for that drive.




Floppy Disk Method:


Below are the instructions for copying the complete program and

data from the old computer to diskettes. You may need several

diskettes. Be sure to use upper and lower case letters as

specified below and number each diskette. Nobody should have a

copy of the Jewelry Shopkeeper open. Insert a diskette, go to the

COMMAND MENU (The COMMAND MENU is the menu you get when you open the

JS-MENU icon or when you type JS at the DOS prompt.)

At the "Enter Your Choice-->" prompt type:


PKZIP  -&  -x*.ZIP  -r   -P   -a   A:JS   \COMPLINK.JS\*.*    

 and press <Enter>


If you are using Windows NT, 2000 or XP add quotes around -& => "-&"


(above, the -r is a dash and a lower-case R  -P is a dash and an

UPPER-case P, -a is a dash and a lower-case A, -& is a dash and a

shift-7 [ampersand])


Insert a separate diskette, go to the COMMAND MENU and type


COPY   PKUNZIP.*   A:  /Y         <Enter>

EXIT                              <Enter>


At the new computer, open a DOS prompt by clicking on the START button

then choosing RUN and typing COMMAND and clicking OK. Then put this last

single diskette in and at the

DOS prompt type (from the C: prompt)


COPY  A:\PKUNZIP.*  C:\   /Y        <Enter>


Then put the last diskette of the full backup in and type: (from

the C: prompt)


C:\PKUNZIP   -d   -o   A:JS  C:\        <Enter>


(above, the -d is a dash and a lower-case d  -o is a dash and a

lower-case O)


This should ask you to insert the first disk, then the remaining

disks one at a time if there are more than one.


When finished type: (from the C: prompt)

\COMPLINK.JS\JSICONS                         <Enter>


EXIT                                         <Enter>