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Alternative Network Printing for Version 9.6





The normal method of printing across a network with Jewelry

Shopkeeper is for you to 'capture' a printer port (lpt1, lpt2 or lpt3)

to a network printer.  This is often done (in xp at least) with a

command line statement such as (for a printer with a sharename of HP2100

on a machine with a network name of OFFICE)

       NET USE LPT2:  \\OFFICE\HP2100 /Y        

Then in Shop-Pro you select LPT2 for the printer.

Theoretically that's a one-time only step, but some users find that their

computers 'forget' this redirection and it has to be refreshed.


A new option in Version 9.6 allows you to select, within Shop-Pro, a

network printer name and Shop-Pro will refresh the redirection each

time you print. This can add a small delay (perhaps 1/2 a second) just

before printing but it can help do away with you having to re-issue

the NET USE line above


For Windows XP the same redirection concept can apply when printing

to a usb or serial printer on the *same* computer (not necessarily

a printer on another computer)







First, make sure the printers you're printing are shared.


Go to the computer with the shared printer actually connected to it


In Windows, choose Start (then possibly Settings) then Printers & Faxes.


Right click the printer.

Choose Sharing.

Make sure the printer is SHARED and a SHARE NAME has been typed in.


Give it a simple name with no spaces or dashes (e.g. HP2300 or DATAMAX, etc)




Once done, Go into Shop-Pro (at the computer where you want to

print to that shared printer)


Choose 8,8 for "store information defaults." Page Down to page 2

At the bottom, in the MISCELLANEOUS SETTINGS box type:




(if you have other words in there already you can add this word either

before or after the others)


Press Page Down to get to the next page then press Esc a few times

to get to the Main Menu.


Choose 8,B for "printer redirection."


Highlight the printer number you want to print to (eg, 5 HP laserjet)


Press F2.


Select the print queue from the list.

(e.g. \\BOB\HP1200  would represent the printer with a sharename of

HP1200 on a computer with a name of BOB)


Press Esc.


From the following page "customize printer destinations", make sure the

correct printer number is typed into the corresponding print



Try printing the job.