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Network Guidelines


- Use XP Professional for all computers

- we much prefer FAT32 over NTFS

NTFS has too many security guidelines that are unnecessary

- DO NOT use wireless networking - it's too slow

- DO NOT install Norton AV.

REMOVE IT if it is already installed!

- DO NOT setup a DOMAIN. use Workgroup (w/ simple name)


- Give the workstations/server SIMPLE share names (eg. "SERVER")

- Share the ROOT of the C: drive on the designated Server.

Make sure to make the C: drive shareable READ and WRITE


- ONLY PCL compatible printers will work.

Look out for host based printers - they WILL NOT work.


- Install printers on ALL workstations and remove any old drivers

that are no longer used


- USB printers will work on XP and Win2K ONLY!


- On each workstation , map F: to the ROOT of server.


- To setup shortcuts,

Open My computer, F:, COMPLINK.JS and


double click JSICONS.BAT (NOT JS.ICO)

(double check the working folder is F:\COMPLINK.JS\DATA.JS)