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                    NEBS FORMS


To receive samples of NEBS forms, call NEBS at (800)) 388-3810 and

ask for samples of the forms below. When ordering, specify that they

are to be used with the Jewelry Shopkeeper - Mail Code 95054


2-part checks: Style Number 9024-2. Continuous for dot-matrix


Laser printer checks: Product 9039-1

Compatible Envelopes: Style Number 9380


1-part statements: Style Number 9200-1

2-part statements: Style Number 9200-2

Plain-paper stock for laser-statements: Style Number 12469

Compatible Envelopes: Style Number 771, Du-O-Vue Envelopes


Appraisal Form 8«þ wide þ 11þ tall: Style 128-3


Half-Page Receipts:

   8«þ wide þ 5«þ tall: Style Number 9329 (1, 2 or 3 parts)

   8«þ þ 7þ: Style Number 9330 (1, 2 or 3 parts)

   8«þ þ 11þ: Style Number 9331 (1, 2 or 3 parts)

   4þ þ 7þ: Style 12209. With or without sequential numbers.


Note: You can get receipts plain or with a company name pre-printed.

If you have your name and logo pre-printed on these receipt forms and

the form you select is 7þ tall or less, you should make sure the name,

address and logo only extend less than 1¬þ down from the top. This

is to leave room for the program to print the receipt.