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Multi-Store Considerations



In order to prevent duplicate entries between two separate copies

of Jewelry Shopkeeper you need to change various number sequences

within the program.


*) Change the Next Customer Number by choosing menu choice 8,3,1

 "Choose the Next Customer No." You should set it to a large number

 above any foreseen number from the original store. E.g. 1,000,000

 might be safe, but look for the highest customer numbers in the

 original program


*) Change the next sale number by making a new sale (even if it's just

 a dummy sale to the CASH customer) with a new number and confirm that

 you want to reset the sale numbers. As with the customer numbers

 check the sale numbers in the original store to make sure you reset

 the numbers to a level that will not conflict with the original store

 (for the foreseeable future.)


*) Change the next credit slip/gift certificate number by making a

 new gift certificate (even if it's just a zero certificate for the CASH

 customer) with a new number. As with the customer numbers

 check the certificate numbers in the original store to make sure you

 reset the numbers to a level that will not conflict with the original

 store (for the foreseeable future.)


*) If you are going to use the checkbook part of the program at the

 second store and if you do not already have pre-printed checks

 you can keep the check number sequence separate. From the Main Menu

 choose 5,5,A,3 for "Initialize Bank Account Names & Check Numbers."




*) The major class codes need to have their 'Next Sku Number' counters

 updated to prevent duplicate sku numbers if the second store adds

 inventory. For example, if the original store started numbering

 inventory at 10,000 you may want the second store to start numbering

 at 50,000. Even if you don't intend to type in inventory at the

 second store (i.e. you're going to transfer it from the first store)

 you should check these settings in case there are a few items added.

 If you expect to type in a lot item items you might give it a large

 range such as 40,000 to 70,000. If you expect to type in very few

 items you could give it a narrow range such as 90,000 to 92,000.

 If you start the second store at 50,000 you should also edit the

 major codes of the first store to end at 49,999. (note that you will

 be unlikely to ever get this high since there is a separate counter

 for each major class code)


 To set the 'Next Sku Number' Counter choose 8,3,1 for "Enter/Edit

 Major Class Code" select a major code  and set the  Min Sku No. and

 the Max Sku No.. Also set the 'Next Sku Number' to be the same as

 the Min Sku No.

 There is a utility which can set the sku number sequence for ALL

 major codes at one time. Choose File, Miscellaneous Options, Utility

 Programs and run the utility program called MAXNO.




Copying Information from the Original Store



If you want to copy your class code list or vendor list or customer list

or tag configurations from your original store to your second store,

we can make instructions for you. If you intend to do that it's best to

do so before you start entering new records at the second store.