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The error message "MSVBVM60.DLL not found" indicates that a part of Windows

is missing. Specifically some Visual Basic files are missing.


You can reload those by running the program VB60SP6 on your Version 9.6 CD


Or you can obtain a copy from our website at


If you prefer to get the files directly from Microsoft here is a

Microsoft page with a link to download for the missing files.


These downloads are for Windows 95, 98 and ME


Let us know if that does not fix the problem.


If you continue to have problems viewing the reports you can temporarily

try a different report viewing option. From page 2 of Store Information

Defaults you can try view method 8 to use the standard Windows Notepad

program to view reports. (note however, that Notepad isn't good for very

long reports)


You can also try view method 7 for a DOS viewer that is reliable

but which doesn't show as much of the report at a time as the Windows

viewer. We'd suggest you only use method 7 as a temporary fix.