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Version 9.6 Report Viewer Problems


Version 9.6 uses a new Windows report viewer to make it much easier

to see the entire width of reports and to scroll up and down

and to change the on-screen font.


The viewer relies on certain parts of Windows being correctly installed.

If they are not you might get some errors. This is most likely to occur

with Windows 98 and below.


A)  If you get an error like this: Rich Text .DLL Error you should

open the JS-MENU icon to get the black and white COMMAND MENU and there

type OCXSETUP   and press Enter and let it install some files.


B) If you get an err like this "MSVBVM60.DLL not found" indicates that a

Visual Basic files are missing.


You can reload those by running the program VB60SP6 on your Version 9.6 CD


Or you can obtain a copy from our website at


which you can download (to a C: drive or a CD or a floppy) and then run


If you continue to have problems viewing the reports you can temporarily

try a different report viewing option. From page 2 of Store Information

Defaults you can try view method 7 for the older DOS viewer that is

reliable but which doesn't show as much of the report at a time as the

new Windows viewer. We'd suggest you only use method 7 as a temporary fix.