Vista Networking

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RE:Vista Networking


Here's a Microsoft website explaining how to network with Windows Vista:

(lots of diagrams and examples)



If you have simple file sharing in Vista, other computers which


connect are essentially "Guest"  so you have to add the read/write


rights to "Guest"


When fiddling with the security of non root folders, Guest


appears as a selection on the list in the C: drive Properties/ Security


area making it more obvious.




But - when dealing with the C:\ root, Guest does not appear.


However, you can manually add it and then grant the permissions.








Open Control Panel, Network, then at the top Network and Sharing Center


and select Public Folder Sharing, Turn on sharing so anyone with network access


can open, change and create files,




Open Computer, right click C: and Share it





Right Click C: and choose Properties, then Security tab.

If Guest shows -select it and give the appropriate permissions.



If Guest does NOT show, choose Edit to get this  screen



Choose Add to get this screen



Where you can type in Guest for the object name

and OK


Then Guest should appear on the list of users as above

where you can grant all the permissions.