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Month End Closing Steps





1) Make a backup and put it away. don't re-use the backup tape or diskettes

again - keep this as your PERMANENT record of your data as of this date !!


2) Run a cleanup (Option 8,7 from the Main Menu within Shop-Pro)


3) make sure all other users are off the Shopkeeper / Shop-Pro


4) Select "month end closing" (choice 8,C)


5) Choose 1 (Age Accounts Receivables ) (mandatory step for everyone)


6) Print statements. (choice 2) (Unnecessary if you don't do A/R)


7) Close the period (choice 3) (mandatory step)


8) When choice 3 is complete a message will say "the month end was

successfully reset. the new period is: 12 (or something like that)


9) When others go into the Shop-Pro - make sure the period reads the correct

period for the new month.


*** Note ***


Some good reports to run at month end:


1) Inventory Report [6,5,b=summary]

2) Accounts Payable [5,2,4; make sure Paid, Unpaid or Both reads: Unpaid]

3) Accounts Receivable [4,4]

4) Layaway Report [1,7]