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Instructions for Mail-Merge with Microsoft Word 2003



These work for Shop-Pro version 9.7 and higher


First, you need to create the MERGE1.CSV file (list of customers)

from within Jewelry Shopkeeper. Choose 6,1 for Mailings and

then Start, then sort by Last Name then MERGE1.CSV


Start MS Word version 2003 or higher.


Open the sample merge file template file - e.g. 5160lab.doc

for standard 3x10 labels with the format of Avery 5160 labels;

env2000.doc for envelopes using MS Word 2000 or higher

v95env.doc for envelopes in other versions of MS Word


These template files are in the COMPLINK.JS folder on the drive

where Jewelry Shopkeeper is installed. When you open it may warn

that an SQL command will run. Choose Yes.


Choose Tools, Letters & Mailings, Mail Merge

Choose Next, Arrange your Labels

If you want to change the layout, such as adding Or Current Resident

or changing the font do that on the first label. Then choose

Update all Labels to replicate that first label.

Choose Next: Preview your labels

Choose Next: Complete the Merge

If ready, choose Print


If you want to change the format of the labels, such as the font,

change the template document - e.g. 5160lab.doc - before you merge.


If you merge to a "new document" you never have to save the resulting

large document since you can always recreate it.