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             Instructions for Mail-Merge with

        Microsoft Word97


             (the procedure might be different if you have

        a different version)


             1) Create a merge file using mailing label

             feature [6,1 from the Main Menu]. Choose any

             combination of criteria such as Zip Code,

             Customer Type, etc. At the very least it is

             useful to restrict the Zip Code range to

             01000->99999 to ignore those customers with no

             zip code. Choose Start and be sure to select

             the option to create the "\MERGE1.JS" file

             instead of choosing 1,3 or 4-across labels.


             2) Open Microsoft Word 97


             3) Choose Tools, Mail Merge


             In the pop-up window there are three steps to



        A) Main Document

             Choose Create, Form Letters, Active Window.

             The Data Source button will become active.


             B) Data Source

             Click Get Data and drag down to Open Data

             Source. When prompted for a file name, type

             C:\MERGE1.JS in the File Name entry field and

             click Open. A dialogue box will appear. Select

             Edit Main Document.


             A blank document page will appear. Begin typing the

             form letter. Anywhere information from the merge

             file is to appear click the Insert Merge Field

             button (to the top and left of the document) and

             drag down the list to the appropriate field name;

             the field name will appear in the document with

             brackets around it. Remember, itþs a good idea to

             save your work periodically. When you are finished:


                  C) Merge the data with the document

                  Begin merging by clicking the third icon from

                  the right of the Merge Task Bar. The icon is a

                  piece of paper with and arrow pointing right

                  and three periods. Its to the right of the

                  icon with the paper, arrow and printer and to

                  the left of the binocular icon.



             You should repeat these steps each time you

             want to do a mailing.