Merchant Warehouse Genius Setup

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STEP 1a: Install Genius Appliance


Download these PDF instructions


STEP 1b: Get Credentials from Merchant Warehouse


In order to use the Genius you must obtain a Merchant ID, Site ID, and Keycode from Merchant Warehouse.

You must call the support number at (800)498-0823 option 1 then option 2.


The Merchant ID will likely be your store name.



The Site ID will be 8 characters and numbers


The Key Code will be a 25 character set of digits and numbers. The 25 characters will be grouped into 5 sets separated by a hyphen.




STEP 2: Check Genius IP


On the Genius Pin Pad, type: 0 0 0 (3 zeros)


The last time we checked, the password is the last 7 digits of the Merchant Warehouse 800-941-6557 number.


The Genius IP address is displayed. (eg.


That sequence is the  last piece of the puzzle. Write that sequence down.




STEP 3: Type in defaults to Shopkeeper


In Shopkeeper, choose Maintenance and Preferences.


Click on the Payment Options.



In the Credit Card Authorization Type enter MWGENIUS





Then click on the More Account Settings button.


Select the Merchant Warehouse entry.


Type the Merchant ID, Keycode, Site ID and Genius IP.


Click Save and Exit.