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You can record incoming merchandise as MEMO/MEMORANDUM merchandise so

that it will not create a payable invoice (not a liability) and so that

the value of the merchandise will not appear as an asset. Treat

CONSIGNMENT items the same way - i.e. consider them MEMO items.


When receiving inventory BE SURE TO BEGIN THE INVOICE NUMBER

WITH THE LETTERS MEM (e.g. MEM1000) If you receive multiple IDENTICAL

items you should enter one separately with it's own sku number which

makes billing easier if you are billed for just one item.


To see a list of sold Memo items, run the Itemized Sales Report

 (choice 6,2,3). Fill in a date range (choice 7), vendor code range

 (choice 1) and change the 'Include Memo Items' option to read "ONLY"


To see a list of in-stock Memo items, run the Inventory Report

 (choice 6,5) and change the 'Include Memo Items' option to read "ONLY"




a) If ALL of the items on a Memo are sold, Change the INVOICE

number by selecting Edit an invoice (choice 2, 4) and change the

INVOICE number to the vendors invoice number. MAKE SURE TO CHANGE

THE DATE REC'D AND INVOICE DATE ALSO to the current invoice date!


b) If only some, not all of the items are sold from the Memo then Edit

the memo invoice using choice 2,4. Once the line items have been listed,

press the UP ARROW to highlight the Style number of the item that was sold.

At the top of the screen is the message '<Home>=Move Item to Other Invoice'.

Press the Home key and you'll be prompted to type in the new invoice

number and that item will be moved to this invoice. You may repeat this with

as many other items as needed to be moved to the Payable invoice.