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Manager Override Feature for Selling Price



The manager override feature is strictly for temporarily allowing a

manager to authorize a lower-than-normal price on the sales screen.


This is done in the middle of the screen when you are highlighting the item

that needs special pricing and avoids the need for you to cancel the sale

and have the manager log in and start the sale from scratch.


With the flashing cursor in the Price box, press the Left Arrow (or

mouse-click the Options button on-screen), then from the drop-down menu

choose the Manager Override option.


The manager then types in his password and the cursor returns to the price

box. Then you can type in a price that is allowed for that password.


Note: the price allowed must be allowed by that manager's password - you

can't necessarily type in $1 if that manager's password won't allow that



Note: the manager override feature only applies to that single line. If you

need to authorize the price on other lines then each line will require a

manager override.