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These instructions apply ONLY to using the special address correction

diskette from Compulink.


Instructions for sending your customer list to a list processor for

them to correct addresses, zip codes, states, zip codes & carrier



Step 1 prints out details of the field sizes and record count of

your customer file.


1)   You must type A:MAKETEXT (from the Command Menu) to

   create the file for your list processor. The batch file will

   automatically copy the text file on to the A: diskette. The file

   is a fixed-length format and the filename is CUSTTEXT.TXT.

   However, in order to fit the file on a diskette, the file will be

   compressed (pkzipped) into a file called CUSTTEXT.ZIP.


   After you send your customer list to the list processor you

   should not make any changes to your existing customers'

   addresses until after you get the list back from the list



2)   Your list processor must type A:POSTREST (from their C:

   prompt or other hard disk prompt) to get the customer text

   file onto their hard disk. This will unzip the compressed file.


3)   The list processor needs to make the changes directly into

   the same file (custtext.txt) WITHOUT changing the structure.

   Once they have converted the textfile, they must type

   A:POSTBACK. That will compress and copy the file back

   onto your floppy back into the file called A:CUSTTEXT.ZIP.


4)   To get the converted customer list back into the Jewelry

   Shopkeeper, Go to the COMMAND MENU on your computer,

   insert the diskette and type A:RESTTEXT.


5)   When this is complete, you MUST then run a CLEANUP from

   the System Maintenance Menu.