Logmein Remote Printing

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To PRINT using LogMeIn:


1) You must inistall LogMeIn Pro. The "Free" version is fine for remote viewing, but some functions are not available - like printing. Get LogMeIn Pro Here


2) Install the proper printer driver at the "remote" location and print a test page.


3) Log into the host computer using Logmein pro.


4) On the host computer, choose Start, Printers & Faxes. Your "local" printer driver will show as something like: "HP 2100 via LogMeIn"


5) Right click that driver. Choose Properties and Sharing. Share that printer. Call it: LOGMEIN


6) In Shoppro, choose 8, B. Arrow down to printer 14 (should read HP Duplicate - if NOT, find HP duplicate)


7) Press CTRL+N to create a new printer driver


8) Arrow down to the new printer driver (eg. 50)


9) Change the name to "LOCAL LOGMEIN"


10) Press F2 - A list of shared printers will appear. Choose "LOGMEIN" and press enter. The port will show "LPT3". That is correct.


11) Note the printer in step 8. Press ESC. Change the printer number associated with the job you are trying to print to the newly setup printer.


12) Try printing


13) The new printer MAY need to be shared each time you log in (step 5)