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If you get a locked database message - one of these option will almost

certainly fix it - have you tried them all?



If you get a message that some files are locked, try these in order:


*) Make sure that no computer has the Shop-Pro or Shopkeeper program open.

 Note that if the program is minimized on the Windows task bar at the

 bottom it is still open even though you can't see it. Close any of those

 minimized copies of Shop-Pro too.


If that doesn't help then -

*) Shut down the workstations (computers) where you are Not backing up.


If that doesn't help then -

*) Restart the workstation where you are backing up.


If that doesn't help then -

*) Restart the file server

 If you end up restarting the file server, that will certainly unlock the




If you have Windows XP, you may be able to see who/what computer has the

open files. Go to the file server (the main computer where the Shop-Pro is

installed.) Open the Control Panel, choose Administrative Tools, open

Computer Management, then open the System Tools line and open the

Shared folders option then select the Open Files option. This would

show what files are open by computers other than the server itself.

You can also start this utility by choosing Start, Run and typing

COMPMGMT /S  and press Enter.