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Preparing sales data for LGI Networks



1) in Jewelry Shopkeeper Pro choose 8, 8 for Store Information Defaults.

 At the BOTTOM of the 2nd page, in the Miscellaneous Settings box

 add the keyword: LGISALES

 (there may be other words in there - ADD this keyword to whatever else is

 in there. Before or after is fine but separate with a space.)


2) The next end of month, run the month-end steps as normal. When Done, look

 in the JSREPORT folder which is on the Windows Desktop. There will be files

 called: something like AUG06INV.TXT and AUG06SAL.TXT  (AUG06 varying each

 month and year)


3) Send those files to LGI Network as per their instructions. Below are some tips

 but for any specifics you'll want to verify with LGI. e.g.

 contact Joe Campagnolo at or your usual rep there.




*) Rename these files to whatever name that LGISALES company wants them

 named (something like "YOURSTOREINVENTORY.TXT etc)


*) Create a DESKTOP shortcut to the LGI network. To do this, in Internet

 Explorer (substituting your case-sensitive username and password from LGI)


 In the address bar, type:




 If that pulls up your folder, the right beside the address bar, drag the

 Bookmark icon to your desktop for easy access next time



 the LGI folder.

*) You'd need to repeat steps 3 4 & 6 (but not 5) each month


*) You could make the sending of the files easier and quicker with a better

 FTP program. One shareware example is FileZilla which you could search

 on Google or ask LGI if they have a preferred FTP program.