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To cancel layaway sales that have not yet been picked up choose "Edit

a Sale" from the sales menu, find the sale, then add another

sku number line with the same sku number and price as the first line

but record the Quantity as negative 1.


At this point the sale total should be zero. As you exit the sale, if

there was a previous deposit, you will be asked how much the refund is

(which will default to the deposit amount) Then you will be asked how

the refund was made. You can choose from in-store credit slip, company

check, or a cash or a credit-card refund



If you are keeping all or part of the deposit you should add another sku

number line using a dummy sku number where you change the price to the

amount of the deposit that you are keeping. e.g. If you are keeping a

$20.00 deposit, change the price of this dummy sku number to $20.00.

Leave the quantity as positive one. This way the sale will reflect a

total price of $20.00 and a total payment of $20.00 and the sale will be



To do this you will need to add a major class code for "CANCEL LAYAWAY

FEE" or a similar name of your choosing. This major code should be

selected with a REPAIR CATEGORY of 3 so that you can use the dummy sku

number many times over. Also make sure the major class code is set to