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To record existing layaways, you would type them in from the layaway choice

from the Sales Menu -- very much like you would enter any other layaway.


If possible, it is better if you record the inventory items in the inventory

file before-hand (with a quantity of 1). That way recording the layaway

would take the inventory out of stock. If you have a particular reason for

NOT recording the inventory use on layaways, then you could use dummy sku

numbers. (each major code automatically gets one dummy sku number)


You should type in the original date of the layaway into the layaway screen.

As for layaways with multiple payments, you could either enter a single

lump-sum payment of the total amount paid, or you could just type in the

original payment, then apply subsequent payments to the layaway by choosing

option 4 from the Sales Menu, with each payment recorded with the

appropriate date. Entering each payment separately will take a bit more

time, but will give you a better history of the activity on that sale.


If you are already at the point where you are entering each day's actual

sales, and if you want to avoid mixing old layaway payments with the

payments from today's sales, you could run a Z report to clear the cash

register before entering old layaways, then record the old layaways, then

run another Z report to clear the cash register again to zero the register

for tomorrow's sales. If you are not yet up-to-date with sales, then you

needn't bother with these extra steps.