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Moving the text on the 3-part repair envelope (laser or inkjet) is a bit



Open Shop-Pro, choose File, Misc, Utilities, and select LASENV.


When you see the three lines of codes (numbers etc) notice that at the

beginning there is a number and a y like 50y or 255y



you'll see three lines with codes *similar* to this




If you wanted to move DOWN the printing of the repair envelope increase

the number before the y -  300 units per inch - e..g to move it down 3/8 of

an inch, increase the number by 113 - in this case from 255 to 368.


If you wanted to move UP the envelope about 1/4 of an inch, deduct 75

if the number is bigger than 75, other wise reduce it to about 10


e.g. if the number is 255y change them to 180y. If it's 50y change to 10y


The three lines of position codes refer to the three segments that print

on the three-part ticket. The first line adjusts the left segment; the

second line adjusts the middle segment and the third line adjusts the

right-hand segment.  You may want to adjust all or just one of these



+ + +


To change the horizontal position two adjustments are needed.


First adjust the number before the X. As above increase the number by 30

for each 1/10th of an inch to move it to the right, decrease the same

to move to the left. Each of the three lines will have different X numbers

since the first line is for the left third of the envelope, the second line

for the middle third of the envelope and the third line is for the right

third of the envelope.


Second, at the far right, adjust the number before the letter L.

UNLIKE the y and X numbers, increase this number by 1 for each character

width you want to move a section to the right and decrease by the same to

move to the left. (each character width is about 1/17th of an inch.)