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Jewelry Shopkeeper Email-Merge



The Windows E-mail Merge add-on program is on the Version 9.6 update CD.

You can install it by running the file JSEMAIL from that CD


You can also find it at


(There is a new install there and a smaller update file if you have a

previous copy already installed)



This program allows you to send personal e-mail messages to your customers

for layaway reminders, repair reminders or just in general (based on

various purchase or zip code or customer type criteria.)


When installed, the download will ask for a password which is:



If you have a network:


The program can be installed at just one station or all of them.

If you want it at more than one station you have to install it again because

unlike the main Shop-Pro it runs from a local drive so when the installation

asks for  drive\location to install it on you should normally choose the C:



However, even if you install it at several stations each one needs to find

the main customer list from the drive letter pointing to the central server

where Shop-pro is installed.