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       Instructions for Installing Windows NT/W2K/XP Icons


If You Have a Network ...................................................

 Note that if you have a network of computers the Jewelry Shopkeeper

 programs and data file all reside on the server (main) computer; no

 parts of the Jewelry Shopkeeper are stored on the workstations (slaves).


 If you have not yet 'mapped' a network drive letter you need to map a

 drive letter such as H: to the root of the shared network drive where

 the Shop-Pro is installed. Note that you should not map the drive letter

 to the COMPLINK.JS folder - but map it to the shared drive itself.


 Also, the root of the network drive needs to be shared with update

 privileges granted (i.e. you have to share the drive and choose to

 "Allow other Users to Update My Files". If you don't want to share

 the root of the C: drive, 'partition' the drive to create a D: drive

 which you can share and where you can store the COMPLINK.JS folder.


 Your network person should know your network configuration and will be

 able to explain by phone how to correctly share the server drive and

 map the drive letters on your network. But here are some tips.


 Each computer should have a simple name such as SERVER, POS, FRONT,

 ACCOUNTING, etc., and should have the same "Workgroup" name such as

 WORKGROUP. To set the name and workgroup right-click My Computer,

 choose Properties then Computer Name then Change.


 To share the main computer's drive: open My Computer, right-click

 the C: drive, select Sharing, click the "if you understand.." area,

 in the lower half Network Sharing, check the Share this Folder box,

 give it a simple sharename such as C if it's the C: drive or D if

 it's the D: drive. Check the box "Allow other network users to

 change my files"


 At the Workstation open My Network Places, then

 choose Tools, then Map Network Drive, then set the Drive box to H: or G:

 or H: (whichever is first available), then next to the Folder box choose

 Browse, then find the computer and the drive where Shop-Pro is installed

 (this is the shared hard drive which contains the COMPLINK.JS folder)

 click one time only on the shared hard drive (not the COMPLINK.JS folder

 but the drive which contains it) and then click on OK.



Go to the workstation, and open the Windows Explorer and open the drive

where the Shop-Pro is installed - Normally this is the C: drive but

if you on a workstation on a network it might be H:, G: etc.


Open the COMPLINK.JS folder and if you have a file called XP-PRO then

double-click on the file called JSICONS


If this is a workstation on a network you'll need to fix the Working

Directory of these icons. Right-click the icon and choose Properties

then click on the Program tab and then fix the drive letter in the

Working box - e.g. H: or G: etc. (don't do this if you have just a

single computer)


For the JS-MENU icon the CMD Line should read


For the SHOP-PRO icon the CMD Line should read




Fixing screen size problems


If you run the Shop-pro in 'Full Screen' Mode but it only appears in the

top half of the screen you will need to change the display properties.


Note that Compulink recommends that you run Shop-Pro in a 'window'

rather than in Full-Screen mode. Running in a Window allows you to see

other active programs, the Start menu, the system tray (clock etc)

It's also more reliable for viewing images in Shop-Pro and viewing

reports in the Windows viewer (versions 9.6 and later)


To run in a Window you often have to reselect the font size. Start the

Shop-Pro and put it into a 'Window' so you can see part of the

Windows Desktop in the background - you may need to press Alt-Enter to get

into a window. Right-click the title bar at the top of the window then

choose Properties, then pick the Font tab and select Lucida Console and

then select a size, such as 18, 20, 24, then click OK and then select

Save for future and click OK.


Note that the best size will depend on your monitor resolution. Also note

that in a Window you can normally make Shop-Pro fit the full width of the

screen and up to 70% of the height (not 100%)