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       Instructions for Installing Windows 95/98/ME Icons

               for a Workstation on a Network


Note that the Jewelry Shopkeeper programs and data file all

reside on the server (main) computer; no parts of the Jewelry

Shopkeeper are stored on the workstations (slaves).


Make sure you have already mapped a drive letter (such as H: or G:, etc)

to the root of the shared network drive. See other instructions for

that if you haven't done that yet.


Then open MY COMPUTER, then open the shared network drive, then open the

COMPLINK.JS folder, then look for the file JSICONS (or jsicons.bat) and

double-click that file to run it.


Then go to the Windows desktop where you will see the new icons.

You'll need to edit the Properties of these icons.

(by right clicking the icons and choosing Properties.)

Next, click on the Program tab. In the Working Directory box

(only) add H:  to the beginning of the working directory entry

instead of C:. Do this for each icon. If you have assigned a

different letter than H: to the network drive, then type that

drive letter instead. Be sure to add this H: to the beginning of

the working directory, so you end up with H:\COMPLINK.JS\DATA.JS

as the working directory. You don't need to add the H: to the Cmd

Line box.


You should make sure that the workstations are configured to

automatically map H: to the server computer's C: drive every time

they start up.#


* On a few computers, the icons don't automatically appear on the

Windows desktop. If that is the case, then open the Explorer,

open the Windows folder, then open the Desktop folder. In that

folder you should see three JS icons. Drag them from the Desktop

folder to the actual Windows desktop screen.


# If you don't have a drive letter mapped to the server yet,

you'll need to do that using the network neighborhood. H: is the

preferred drive letter to point to the shared drive.

To map a network drive, open NETWORK NEIGHBORHOOD (Network Places -

perhaps also clicking on Entire Network) double click on the server icon

to see the resources of the server, such as it's C: drive. After you see

the C: drive, right-click (not double-click) on the shared C: drive, then

click on MAP A NETWORK DRIVE. We suggest you map the drive letter H: to

the shared drive. Also, you should click on the RECONNECT AT LOGIN box so

that every time you start the workstation it will assign H: to

the server.


(also note that with windows 95/98 we would recommend that you

have a config.sys file on every computer, with the line

FILES=125  in it. The Shop-Pro usually can add this change



If you have Windows ME then fixing the Windows File Handles is trickier

and you'll need to ask us for instructions on fixing Win ME.