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              HP LaserJet 2100 Multi Tray Codes


These are the steps to create a "printer driver" to select an

alternative tray for different print jobs with an HP LaserJet

2100 with two full printer trays underneath in addition to the

fold-out manual paper tray.


It hasn't been confirmed but it is expected that these instructions

will also work for the multi-tray HP 2200 and the HP 2300, though

it is possible that HP uses different tray codes for different

models of printer.


Note that these are NOT the instructions for an HP LaserJet 2100

with just one full tray underneath and the regular fold-out

manual paper tray.


*)   You should make sure your printer's power-on default is to

   print from the upper tray. i.e. if you were to send a Print-

   Screen or a directory listing from DOS, it should default to

   the upper tray.


*)   Go into Jewelry Shop-Pro. Choose Printer Control Codes

   (Choice 8,A).  Press Esc to add a new printer (Choose "NOT

   USED - ADD PRINTER" in Shopkeeper)  Highlight an existing HP

   Laserjet entry on the list and press Enter. Name the

   duplicate printer "LaserJet2100 Tray 2" and either leave the

   Printer Port entry as-is or type another port if you know

   what that should be.


*)   In the Printer Control Codes menu, select the Clear-All code

   and change the code 027,069,027,038,108,052,072


*)   Change the Select Paper Tray code to



*)   Change the Deselect Paper Tray to 027,038,108,049,072

   (a simpler possible alternative is just 027,069)


*)   Go to the Printer Redirection Feature [Choice 8,B]. Note the

   printer number assigned to the printer called: "LaserJet2100

   Tray 2"


*)   Press <Esc> to get to "Customize Printing Destinations"

   screen. Type the newly assigned printer number in any print

   job to be redirected to the alternative tray.