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To review hot sellers, choose 6,5 for inventory reports. Change

the Itemized  option to Summarize by Style, be sure to include

both zero and non-zero quantity items (you certainly want to

see the items that have sold out!)  Start the report,

choose Yes to see sales.


Give it a sales date range , choose to show only items that have

sold more than  1 of the same style (or 2 or 4 etc to show only

items that have repeatedly sold). You can also choose to only

show items that have turned over quickly.


There's no particular rule as to the combination of multiple

sales for a certain style and the speed of the turnover you

should consider for hot-sellers, but try starting with

some conservative numbers such as 2 for multiple sales and 360

for the turnover and if the results are too many to focus on then

possibly adjust those figures to achieve a smaller number of

Hot Sellers.