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1) GMROI by vendor or GMROI by classcode


       choice 6 2 D  and choice 6 2 E

       results are more easily read if you fill in at least 1 on this question:


       Only show lines with   1 or more units sold.


2) Inventory Report by Style


 Choice 6 5 C=style


 Answer yes to the Show Sale question


 make sure you fill in at least 1 with following:

 Only show styles with  0 or more sold. (From location     --Optional)


3) Inventory report Snap Shot Summary

       choice 6 5 C=Snapshot Summary


4) Cash Register usage - 8 6 E


 Try filling in 02/01/2006 -> 02/14/2004 to see

 how busy valentines day was last year.

5) Best customers

       Choose 6 1 6 - choose

       OR... Select Top:  300  Customers

       Make sure to "recalculate" when prompted.

       To see the results, choose the Customer Purchases (choice E) report.