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Repricing Merchandise Along with Gold Fluctuations



Note that the Gold Factor takes some effort to set up

and maintain. Though it can be used by anyone it was

envisioned for use by high gold content jewelry wholesalers.


Shopkeeper has something called a 'gold factor' which is almost

like the weight of pure gold and a separate labor price box

which represents the fixed selling price of the labor and

stones - which don't vary with the gold price.

I.e. the price of a very intricate design or something with a

4C diamond won't vary much with the price of gold and so it's

gold factor would be quite small in comparison to the fixed

labor price.


E.g. a ring with 10g of 18K gold with some small stones could be

entered with a gold factor of 7.5 and a labor price of $300.


This factor doesn't have to be pure gold content, but it's

probably the easiest way of considering it. You might adjust it

a bit such that a 10K ring of 10g instead of being 4.17 might be

0.5 to represent a bit of value to the alloy that also tracks

gold's movements a bit.


if you reprice gold factor merchandise at a selling price

of $35 per "factor" you'd reprice it at 7.5 x 35 + $300 = 563

If gold rises to $45 per factor it'd be 7.5 x 45 + 300 = $638


Note that the merchandise that you use the gold factor on does

NOT need to be based on the weight in Shopkeeper (and shouldn't be)


To reprice such merchandise choose 2,8 for Reprice Inventory and

choose Recalculate Gold Factor Items' Cost or Price. This will

NOT touch items that don't have a gold factor value entered.