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Gift Cards in Shop-Pro 9.6 and up



The use of Gift Cards instead of standard gift certificates is steadily

becoming more prevalent. They are seen as more elegant and modern. When

you partially use gift certificates or credit slips, the remaining

value is now assigned to the original gift or credit slip number. This

makes it practical to use Gift Cards which have to maintain the same

number until they are exhausted. In previous versions, the remaining

value was always assigned to a new gift certificate number which

made gift card handling difficult or impossible.


The gift cards can come from anywhere provided they are not special

gift cards that are designed to work with some other system. Specifically

DO NOT get cards from providers which charge you to activate cards or

require you to validate or fill them through their system.


* See below if you have already mistakenly purchased credit-card

swiper-type of cards


All management of the gift cards is done through Shopkeeper just like

credit slips have always been done.


Hessler Enterprises [800-346-1304] has experience helping Shopkeeper

users with gift cards and they can arrange the design work and they

have a lot of sample ideas to get you going.


They should also know this but we'll tell you anyway. The best

idea is to get the cards pre-printed with a number in human-readable

digits and also in barcode form - I2of5 or another symbology. The magnetic

stripe option costs extra and doesn't help much.


The card numbers should be 5 or 6 or 7 digits long and not conflict

with any gift certificate numbers you already have used.


Beyond that there's not much to learn. They function just like

gift certificates/credit slips  in Shopkeeper have always functioned

with just one key difference: when you partially use them, the remaining

value stays on the same gift-card/certificate number


So long as you have version 9.6 or higher installed you'll record them

as gift certificates/ credit slips from screen 1,8 and type or scan in

the gift card number as the credit slip number.


If you issue both gift cards (pre-printed with numbers) and

credit slips (just a piece of paper) you'll need to make sure

that the credit slips (paper) get a number of a completely

different range than the gift cards so they don't use

up the plastic card numbers.

- this doesn't matter if you always give a gift card for

both purposes.



* What to do if you have already mistakenly purchased credit-card

swiper-type of cards which you pay to purchase and then pay to

activate and pay every time you use or refill them.


First note that you don't really want to pay the credit card companies

to keep track of your in-store credit slips. Second, these cards normally

have 16-digit numbers which isn't compatible with Shop-Pro. You

either need to return them, toss them or engrave new numbers on them.

Yup, that's right. One jeweler thought he'd stick them in his fancy

engraving system. Couldn't face tossing them and considered writing a

new number with a marker pen to be unprofessional and impermanent.