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The Price Book  is almost 300 pages long. I priced virtually anything that can happen to a piece of jewelry, from sizing to casting and all in between. The book has over 900 prices in it and if there is a finding required, I put the Stuller, Southeastern, Frei & Borel and Jules Borel stock number right underneath.


It has in it the "system" of which we pay our jewelers on commission. Mine are 100% commission; they get 22% of the labor that we charge the customer. You don't have to be on commission to use the book; I based the pricing upon a jeweler making at least $30,000 per year.


The book is based upon a 4-time markup on the jeweler and a 3-time markup on the finding or gold.


I also have two audiocassettes that explain all of this and how to sell using the book. Repairs and custom work must be romanced just like showcase jewelry. The "Owners" cassette talks about costs and markups and the "sales person's" tape talks about some costs, but more handling customers concerns about price and how to raise your average sale and just in general how to sell it.


Repair pricing IS NOT market driven. It's all in the mind of the storeowners. Most people call their competition to get their own prices. What if I told you that:


A. Most repair lists in the USA haven't been changed in 7 years!

B. Ring sizing smaller in the USA ranges from $7 to $25 RETAIL! Our ring sizing starts at $20 and is based upon the width of the shank, not sex of the customer.


Pricing for all of this is:


First copy of the book with the two audiocassettes is $145.00

Additional copies of the book are $50.

Plus shipping of $5 for up to 2 books.


This years book is an improvement over the last one, most pricing is in charts now, must easier to use. The price book was written for the sales staff, so they'd quit asking so many silly questions.


If you want I can fax you a few pages from the book.




You can view the book itself and more information about pricing repairs on my website:






David S. Geller