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1)   To adjust the items in inventory to the physical quantity,

   choose Inventory Transfer and Adjust [choice 2-8-E] and change

   the Quantity in Stock total.


   To greatly speed up the task of using the above screen to

   change the quantities to zero (only for items that have to be

   adjusted to zero), you can set up a function key to do some of

   the typing for you. From the System Maintenance Menu, choose

   Function Key Defaults [choice 8-D], select a function key

   number between 2 and 10 and type:




   For another function key number type:


        YPhysical Inventory Adjustment 1/15/97;


   Note that the precise number of semi-colons you type in is



   Using the Inventory Adjust screen, type the sku number of an

   item that has to be adjusted. When the inventory screen comes

   up, you can press the first function key you defined above.

   That will change the quantity to zero. Afterwards, when you


   QUANTITY?, you can press the second function key. The second

   function key will answer Yes to the adjust question, then type

   in the explanation. Above, the example explanation is Physical

   Inventory Adjustment 1/15/97, but you should type your own

   explanation. Note that you need to leave the first Y before

   the explanation to automatically answer Yes to the adjust



   Use these function keys only for adjusting quantities to 0. If

   you do decide to use this function key option, check the

   results after using it on a couple of inventory items to make

   sure itþs working correctly.


2)   Run an Adjustment Report To get a total of all adjustments

   select the List Adjustment [choice 2-8-L] report.