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Outside Financing.


If you accept outside financing for customer purchases you can

set up a 'credit card' on the second-to-last page in Store Information



In addition to the usual Visa, Mastercard etc you might accept

Bencharge or another specialty financer. Type in the name of the card

and if there is a fixed percentage they take type that in. (but if the

percentage rate varies it's best to leave it zero)


This way you can mark the customer's sale as paid for in full using

this 'credit card' as the payment method on the sales screen.


You can run report for payments on all or just one credit card using

"Credit Card Payment Summaries." (option 8,6,D from the Main Menu)



Tracking Financing with an In-House Charge Account:


If this financing company doesn't pay you immediately and you want

to track how much they owe you then add to your Customer list a

'customer' with the 'last name' exactly matching the name of the

credit card name you entered in Store Information Defaults.


Also set up an in-house charge account for this 'customer'


that way when you accept this type of payment from your customer

the amount charged will go on this customer's account. When you receive

payments from this financing company receive the payment using option 4,6

Receive/Reverse A/R payments.