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Fixing Windows File Handles for Windows NT/2000/XP


Windows is normally configured for a small number of file handles - fewer

than Jewelry Shop-Pro requires


You have to manually edit the CONFIG.NT file using the NOTEPAD editor to

fix this problem.


Normally you find this file in the SYSTEM32 folder under the main WINDOWS

or WINNT folder. If you can't find it use the Windows "Find File" feature

to find the file CONFIG.NT


When you open the file using NOTEPAD look for the FILES= line and change

the number on that line to 125 and then choose Save and exit.


Choose the Start button, then RUN then type NOTEPAD and press Enter.

In notepad choose File, Open, then type the name of the file which is

normally either C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\CONFIG.NT



(Note that in a few cases it might be on drive D: instead of C:)


instead of typing the file name you could browse to the correct file

using the File Open dialog box.