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Special Event Codes and Reports



There is no official list of special event codes. You make them up and type

them on the customer profile screen.


It's important for you to be consistent and unambiguous. e.g.

 Try not to use ANI for Anniversary and also ANN for Anniversary.

 Don't use HBD for Her Birthday and also use HBD for His Birthday.


When you do a special event report (choose Reports, Customer Special Event

Reports) you can choose a date range

such as 02/01 to 02/28 to pick February special events.


If you DON'T also pick a special event code, but instead just choose start

report you will see ALL February special event customers - which may well

be handy. If you run the report - it will show you which event falls in

February for each customer.


If you want to see ONLY WBD events in February (perhaps that means Wife's

Birthday) then select that event code in addition to the date.


Only select the Year option if you the year is important - e.g. a Silver