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Windows Report Viewer (eTextViewer)



Version 9.6 uses a new Windows report viewer to make it much easier

to see the entire width of reports and lets you scroll up and down

with a mouse wheel or the scroll bars and lets you change the on-screen

font to best match your screen's resolution.


(See the Font section below for tips on selecting the right font)


The viewer relies on certain parts of Windows being correctly installed.

If they are not you might get some errors. This is most likely to occur

with Windows 98 and below.


We found that many older versions of Windows often were not updated so

the most current version of Shop-Pro 9.6 uses the new viewer automatically

only on Windows XP, and uses the old DOS viewer automatically

on previous versions of Windows.


However, there are various options to let you fine-tune this.


Go to page 2 of Store Information Defaults and locate the line

View-mode Style [View Mode just always be set to Y for Yes]


3) Is the normal setting which will use the eTextViewer for XP and

 will use the DOS viewer if you have other versions of Windows


9) Will try to use the eTextViewer with any version of Windows.

 If you use this and one of your Windows 95, 98, or ME machines

 has a problem - see the DLL section below.


7) Forces the older style DOS viewer for any computer - in case you

 don't like no new-fangled viewers, thank you very much.



Selecting the Right Font.



*) Run a wide report such as 6,2,3,7 (itemized sales report for a

 particular day or 6,5,3 (itemized inventory report for a particular

 major code)

*) With the report on the screen, maximize the eTextViewer with the

 maximize square [] at the top right corner.


 Choose Preferences, Font. Make sure you select either Courier New

 or Lucida Console. (other fonts such as Arial will cause the report

 columns to be misaligned.)


*) Back to the report, hit the F11 key a few times to select a smaller

 font. Next hit the F12 key a few times to enlarge the font until it

 just becomes TOO large. When it becomes too large, the right sides of

 the report lines will start to wrap around. Hit F11 one time to

 choose the next smaller font which should stop the wrapping.

 This is the ideal font for your monitor.


*) To memorize these settings (for this computer only) choose Preferences

 Save Preferences.




Remember - with the eTextViewer up on the screen you can exit by

*) Pressing the Alt-F4 key

*) Clicking the close [X] button at the top right

*) Choosing File, Exit


*) To scoot to the end of the report you can press Ctrl-End


*) To return to the top of the report you can press Ctrl-Home


*) You can copy text from the report using the mouse and pressing

 Ctrl-C or using the Test, Copy to Clipboard option. You can

 then post it into a Windows document such as Word or E-mail.


Before the report appears you may get some help on the screen with

notes about the font etc. You can turn off that help screen by

pressing X when it prompts you.




DLL or OCX Errors with eTextViewer


Most versions of Windows can use the eTextViewer but some computers

are missing some components. In many, but not all, cases these steps

will help.


A)  If you get an error like this: Rich Text .DLL Error you should

open the JS-MENU icon to get the black and white COMMAND MENU and there

type OCXSETUP   and press Enter and let it install some files.


B) If you get an err like this "MSVBVM60.DLL not found" indicates that a

Visual Basic files are missing.


You can reload those by running the program VB60SP6 on your Version 9.6 CD


Or you can obtain a copy from our website at


which you can download (to a C: drive or a CD or a floppy) and then run.